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Find out a serene but vibrant experience in an intimate setting with personalized and exquisite attention. If you like to practice yoga, here you will like it even more, and if you are not yet a fervent lover of yoga, you will find unforgettable to discover it on the magical island of Fuerteventura where the contemplation of natural beauty invites us to celebrate the present moment. Let yourself be moved by the universe of beauty that surrounds us and allow yourself to recover the pure and simple gaze of childhood when fewer thoughts and reluctances stood between our eyes and the world.

The intention of our warm and welcoming international team of teachers is to enrich the already touching and deep-felt experience of yoga.

For that purpose, the classes are taught not only in our spacious wooden room but also in natural settings of moving beauty. The mild and temperate climate of Fuerteventura, known as the island of eternal spring, allows us throughout the year. Summer days here are warm, sunny and bright, and winter is soft, pleasing and benignant even in December and January. Spring just a few hours away by plane throughout the year; that is Fuerteventura for Europeans.

Open to everyone, from experienced Yoga practitioners, beginners and laymen, our Yoga Retreats are a restorative and comforting experience for people of any age and physical condition. An opportunity to release emotional and physical burdens and raise your vital energy thanks to yoga and a careful nutrition designed to complement, enhance and upgrade your daily practice. We remind you to enjoy our chef’s delicious vegetarian and vegan gastronomic proposal and check the rapid mental and emotional benefits of fresh and healthy food.

With the same purpose of providing well-being and improvement that all the activities and services of Villa Azul share, we offer a set of natural treatments and therapies that include, among others: therapeutic massage, lymphatic massage, anti-aging massage, foot reflexology, auriculotherapy, the sophisticated and effective Japanese facial massage, and the ancient Chinese acupuncture.

Nutrition and Dietary Philosophy

Eating with joy and gratitude is an everyday act of celebration of life. At Villa Azul you will enjoy the delicious vegetarian and vegan menus created and cooked by our nutritional advisor using locally grown organic foods.

OPENING TIMES: 09:00 - 23:00 (MON-FRI)

Activities & Tours