California Room

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A nice accommodation option for those on a budget


  • Specifications: 36m ² room plus 8m ² terrace – King Size bed (2 x 2m)
  • Minimum occupancy: 1 Person
  • Maximum: 2 Adults + 1 baby

A nice accommodation option for those on a budget

The CALIFORNIA ROOM is located on the lower floor so it stays cool in the warmer months. The window of the room opens into a hallway which opens up directly to the outside so there is a fresh breeze coming in. There are no Windows in the room facing directy outside. Its decoration is inspired by the hospitality and good vibes of the West Coast of the United States.
The Pacific Coast culture, based on openness and tolerance, is full of diversity, activity, and delight in the taste of life. Freedom, relaxation, and joy are the expression of the creative energy of the body and mind because they are an answer to what we have to live.
Life is hard, everybody knows, but every breath we take we choose to live and face the challenge, so life itself is a choice.
Not only can we encourage ourselves to do everything as well as possible, but we can also thoroughly enjoy the experience.

CALIFORNIA ROOM represents the human passion that pushes the boundaries of our capacities and transforms each experience into an adventure. We are free to choose to feel the intensity and joy that the extraordinary experience of being alive deserves.


      • a shared bathroom
      • double bed


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