Canarias Apartment

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Spacious apartment with two private bedrooms, lounge, terrace and direct access to the garden and pool


  • Specifications: a shared bathroom. Two bedrooms. Four bed
  • Minimum occupancy: 1 Person
  • Maximum: 2 Adults + 1 baby

Spacious apartment with two bedrooms, four beds, private bathroom, lounge, terrace and direct access to the garden and pool

The CANARIAS APARTMENT It is an ideal accommodation option for groups of four traveling together or for people who want to share space and meet other like-minded travelers. Please note that due to the shared nature of this accommodation option, the rooms in the apartment can only be booked by female guests. It is decorated in the traditional authentic Canarian way.

Tradition matters. It reflects the qualities of the people who preceded us on the path of existence. Although traditions look different in their formal aspects in different places, their meaning is always the same. In simple words, everywhere traditions are “the way we do things here”. They have been honed generation upon generation of people living in the same land, under the same sky. 

How to get food, how to cook it, how to take refuge from the cold, heat or other animals… traditional knowledge has always been vital for the survival of our species and although it is less obvious today, it is still important, especially in the practice of yoga. The term smriti means tradition and memory interchangeably, which is very poetic since it indicates that the opposite of tradition is not novelty, that perhaps over time it will be consolidated as a new tradition; the opposite of tradition is oblivion. In yoga, respecting tradition consists of striving to know the discipline well and never introducing changes until we have deeply understood the purpose of each gesture and each movement; honor the so-called prajna or wisdom torn by man from chaos.

The CANARIAS APARTMENT represents the importance of the tradition which gives us a sense of identity and reminds us that we are part of something big and not only lost specks of dust that float without meaning in the winds of time.


      • a shared bathroom
      • Two bedrooms
      • Four bed


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