Casita Wood

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The most intimate space in Villa Azul. Located in the garden, has a private seating area and offers views of the pool


  • Specifications: Shared bathroom in the main villa. One bed
  • Minimum occupancy: 1 Person
  • Maximum: 2 Adults + 1 baby

Located in the garden, this is the most intimate space of Villa Azul. It has a private seating area and offers views of the pool. It has a single bed and a private bathroom.

Our WOODEN HOUSE offers privacy to our guests because many times we need time and space for ourselves. Withdrawing into oneself is not exactly distancing oneself from others, at least that is not its essential purpose, but providing oneself with the conditions to carefully observe and know oneself, especially after living intense experiences or before making decisions.

In the path of yoga, recollection (recogimiento) or samadhi is vital to cultivate intimacy with oneself. Some traditions say that samadhi is the eternal upaya, the eternal approach, the approximation that cannot be concluded since the essential nature of the universe and therefore of ourselves is change. No one can say: “I already know myself completely” since at that very moment they have already changed and need to look at themselves again.

The WOODEN HOUSE represents the importance of the intimate connection with oneself; the one experience that alters our perception of all other experiences. In that sense, the true renaissance.


      • Shared bathroom in the main villa
      • One Bed


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