Little India Apartment

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A bright apartment with a bedroom, en-suite, lounge with sofa and dining table, kitchenette and garden terrace


  • Specifications: 36m ² room plus 8m ² terrace – King Size bed (2 x 2m)
  • Minimum occupancy: 1 Person
  • Maximum: 2 Adults + 1 baby

Apartment with a bedroom, a private bathroom, a living room with a sofa and a dining table, a kitchenette and garden terrace

LITTLE INDIA APARTMENT is perfect for solo travelers, couples and friends traveling together. The beds can be made up as a double or as two singles (both options are shown in the gallery below). Its decoration is inspired by the exoticism and mystery of India, the cradle of yoga.

Many embark on the trip to India and return without having uncovered the secret of its spell. But they do not come back disappointed, on the contrary, they return fascinated because immersing ourselves in the unknown makes us aware of the universe of beauty and mystery that surrounds us. In the search for oneself it is the same, there are always more mysteries than certainties.

For the practice of yoga it is essential to accept the immersion in the unknown, the indecipherable, guhya, that whose nature is to be hidden. Since our main mental baggage is ignorance, we should not be surprised by the immeasurable vastness of the territory of mystery. This reality is not cause for regret since it does not obscure our experience of life, on the contrary, it reveals to us that we certainly live in a magical world for us whose laws and mysteries are incomprehensible to our mind. Sraddha is a Sanskrit term without an exact translation into other languages that means putting our hearts into what we do not understand and urges us to realize that it is possible to also love what is not well understood.

The LITTLE INDIA APARTMENT represents the attraction of the unknown that captivates us with strength and reminds us that it is not necessary to clarify the deep secrets of life but to learn to appreciate the beauty of its mystery.



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