Machu Picchu Studio

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The most intimate space in Villa Azul. Located in the garden, has a private seating area and offers views of the pool


  • Specifications: Shared bathroom in the main villa. One bed
  • Minimum occupancy: 1 Person
  • Maximum: 2 Adults + 1 baby

An intimate space located next to the Buddha Garden. It has two beds, private bathroom, kitchenette and direct access to the pool.

The determination to create Villa Azul arose during a trip to Peru, specifically in Machu Picchu, the so-called city of the clouds in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Due to its remote and inhospitable location, this religious, urban and agricultural center was never conquered, not even by the Spanish. After the fall of the Inca Empire, the city was abandoned and forgotten and remained hidden for more than three centuries by the undergrowth until it was disinter in the 20th century.

For us, Machu Picchu evokes two spiritual concepts: the divine revelation or maha vidya; and adhittana, the firm determination to be true to an idea or purpose without wavering. Both seem like very lofty and abstract notions, and yet what would anyone’s life be without them? Most of the time what is shown before our eyes in a revelation is something that was always there without us seeing it: what we have always wanted to do or what we have always wanted to feel. Essential things that we have always known deep down but that remained buried by other thoughts, fears and occupations that naturally tend to grow like weeds.


      • Shared bathroom in the main villa
      • One Bed


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