Sahara Tent

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A unique and suggestive lodging option with modern comforts


  • Specifications: A shared bathroom. Double bed
  • Minimum occupancy: 1 Person
  • Maximum: 2 Adults + 1 baby

A unique and suggestive lodging option with modern comforts

Arab canvas tents are lightweight dwellings typical of a nomadic way of life. In Villa Azul we have a SAHARA TENT next to a chill-out style large common lounge. The jaima has power and lights, access to an indoor bathroom in the main villa and an outdoor kitchen.

The peoples of the Sahara have lived in the desert for at least a millennium. Their way of life keeps them active and encourages them to help each other and respect the nature that provides them with their sustenance and access to the scarce water sources available. Surprisingly, the interior of the tents is very comfortable, which invites us to realize that it is always possible to find comfort in every environment.

Our SAHARA TENT is inspired by the nomadic soul and the concept of detachment and reminds us that detachment is not only about overcoming attachment to objects, people or ideas, it also means reaching a broader perspective and acquiring the mental capacity to find comfort in any situation.


      • A shared bathroom
      • A Double Bed


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