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Villa Azul is the ideal place for teachers, yoga academies and healthy holiday organizing agencies who wish to celebrate a Yoga retreat. We invite you to design and carry out the experience with us for the quality of our facilities, our years of experience, for the warm and hospitable service of the staff and for our privileged location in the quiet coastal town of Villa Verde, with its wonderful views to the sea and the volcanoes and its proximity to the endless golden dunes of the Corralejo Natural Park 10 minutes away by car.

Focus on the richest aspects of the experience to help your students to connect on a deep level with the practice and step steadily and wholeheartedly down this exciting path of self-discovery. The key to a memorable retreat is that your vital resources, especially your time, energy and attention, are not devoted to solving small problems and the unforeseen. You will be able to enjoy nature and create bonds of friendship and affection while we take care of the rest.

As they say: the deal is in the detail. In Villa Azul we will solve all the organizational and logistic details for and with you. From the choice of the date, the adequacy of the budget, the transport from the airport to the villa and vice versa, management of displacements within the island and of course, the food and accommodation. If you wish, we can suggest alternative activities to complement your stay such as surf lessons, cultural tourism and catamaran excursions to observe whales. We will be happy to advise you on the choice of appropriate locations if you wish to impart your classes outdoors; the island hides locations with fabulous energy next to volcanoes, cliffs, beaches and dunes. Planning and experience are essential for everything to flow and we will help you make everything happen safely and without interruptions. Wind and sand can hinder a meditation class if the right place is not chosen, the slope of a volcano can be inaccessible if the orography of the terrain is not well known. More than 10 years organizing retreats have taught us many things.

Our facilities offer the comforts of a conventional holiday and also everything you need to impart your yoga clases. We have a magnificent 90 m2 wooden room fully equipped with mats, blocks and blankets and a space set up for outdoor practices in the Buddha Garden. You can offer your own massage services in our fully equipped massage room, or contract natural therapies and beauty treatments with us. We also have a swimming pool, massage room and cozy common areas indoors and outdoors for relaxing by reading or sharing chat and tea with other retreatants. Projecting films or documentaries outdoors at night is also an interesting possibility to later open a relaxed debate with your students under the starry sky.

Accommodation adapts to all tastes, needs and budgets. Your students can choose from beautifully decorated suites, apartments as well as single and double rooms; all of them equipped with private bathroom.

You and your students will enjoy a delicious, healthy vegetarian or vegan diet of local origin and cooked by our nutritional advisor. We can also specify the dietary needs or preferences of your students if required.

Supplements apply in private rooms. Please contact us for specific pricing arrangements.

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📞 TELÉFONO: (+34) 123 456 789

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