To fell better we do not need to change the world but rather the relationship we have with it, adapt our physical and mental responses to the extraordinary and disconcerting chaos of the world. To some extent it is our choice to search ways to relax, breathe more deeply, learn to let go of muscular tension, and free ourselves from our emotional burdens.

Gift your body and mind some of our treatments and therapies focused on well-being, beauty and health. Give yourself the opportunity to meet your body and get recovered through natural therapies that ultimately are nothing more than knowledge, techniques and disciplines to improve the experience we have of our own body. The natural therapies that we offer you at Villa Azul are effective and pleasant treatments and techniques that awaken and activate the body’s natural regeneration mechanisms and introduce ways into your life to experience more satisfaction and less pain, restoring states of greater balance and health.

We have structural or manual therapies to evaluate and treat muscular imbalances such as therapeutic, sedative, stimulating, circulatory or sports massages; activating therapies of the vital force such as nutritional proposals, phytotherapy or aromatherapy; and therapeutic systems based on a complete philosophy of life such as acupuncture and moxibustion whose purpose is to recover the fluidity and order of the body’s energy flow.